For social landlords

ES Pipelines has many years of experience working with social landlords and others across Britain to improve the condition of homes.The ability to convert to gas appliances in homes currently off the gas network is a significant factor in reducing fuel poverty. When we extend the network we work with stakeholders to provide the most effective solution in conjunction with other energy efficiency works.

Do you have housing stock with no gas supply?

We can provide you with:

  • Information on the nearest suitable gas connection point.
  • A free feasibility study indicating a cost per property to extend the gas network.
  • A dedicated project management team to help you.
  • Our experience of extending the gas network in all sorts of situations around the country.
  • Advice on exploring funding options.


We are here to help
Our dedicated project support team can assess your stock portfolio and determine if there is a suitable gas main nearby. Together we can determine if a project to connect your properties to the national natural gas network would be viable.

The team would then support you through the whole process - from site surveys and quotations to tenant consultations and network construction.


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