ESP Utilities Group Asset Management System certification

15th March 2016

ESP Utilities Group attained certification for compliance with the ISO55001:2014(E) standard on 30 April 2014 for its Asset Management System for its gas transportation business ES Pipelines Limited.  Prior to this date certification had been to the Publicly Available Specification 55 Part 1 (PAS55-1):2008 which preceded the ISO55001 Standard.

In December 2015 the scope of the Group's certification to ISO55001:2014(E) was extended to include the Asset Management System for its electricity distribution business ESP Electricity Limited.

To achieve this certification the Group's Asset Management System policies and procedures were reviewed by Lloyds Register Verification Limited's auditors and deemed suitable to ensure the safe operation and management of assets such as pipework and cable infrastructure, along with metering, pressure reduction and substation equipment, as well as the safety of employees, end users and the general public.

ESP Utilities Group Operations Director Stuart Williams commented, "We make it our priority to ensure the safe operation of our asset groups at all times and this external review has demonstrated that we have the correct policies and procedures in place to enable us to achieve this."

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