Be safe around electricity

ESP Electricity is eager to promote the safe use of electricity in and around the home, as well as out in the public arena. Electricity can be extremely dangerous, even fatal, if straightforward guidelines and safety procedures are not adhered to.

To ensure that you are using electricity safely, adhere to the following guidelines:

Inside the home

When carrying out electrical work in your home if you are not qualifed yourself, always use a competent electrician especially when re-wiring. From 1st January 2005 a new Building Regulation Part P came into force that controls the installation of electrical wiring and associated work in connection with dwellings. This means that the majority of electrical work carried out in and around dwellings should be notified and controlled under the Building Regulations. You should contact your local council for further information.

Use a safety cut out device (known as an RCD) when using electrical equipment outdoors.

Always ensure the power is off (and unplugged if possible) when working on any electrical appliance - even when changing a light bulb!.

Outside the home

DO NOT play with kites near overhead power lines.
DO NOT fish where the rod or line may come close to an overhead power line.
DO NOT enter electricity substations.
DO NOT climb electricity towers or poles.

For further detailed information regarding safety with overhead cables, working around the home, leisure pursuits and digging in the vicinity of underground cables, click on the following link for a selection of downloadable leaflets:

Energy Networks website - click here

If you experience problems with the website, we will be happy to email/post you a copy of the leaflet.

Meters and cables to your home

We aim to provide a safe and reliable electricity supply but unfortunately sometimes faults can occur which cause interruptions to our customers' electricity supply.

In these circumstances, to report the loss of your electricity supply to us or if you have any concern about the safety of your meter, or our electricity overhead lines or underground cables, please telephone us on 0800 731 6945 at any time of day or night.

ESP Electricity has its own statement concerning customer safety. This statement is produced in accordance with our electricity distribution licence, and has been approved by Ofgem. It describes how to use the enquiry service for receiving reports and information, guidance, or advice about any matter or incident that:

- affects or is likely to affect the security, availability and quality of service of ESP Electricity's distribution system; or
- where ESP Electricity's distribution system may cause danger or require urgent attention.

Our 'Statement of Safety and Security of Supply' is available, free of charge in electronic form, by sending a request to espe@espug.com. If you require a printed version, this can be ordered using the same email address - a fee of £10 (plus VAT) applies for each printed version.

Further safety information

You can also find further safety information on the following websites:

Health and Safety Executive website
Energy Networks Association
The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem)

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