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Shipper/Supplier enquiries

If you are an energy supplier then please contact us on
Tel - 01372 587 550
Email (gas) -  spaqueries@espug.com

Email (electricity) - mpas@espug.com


Customer enquiries

For all new connection enquiries or existing customer queries
Tel - 01372 587 500
Email - customerservices@espug.com

New connections email - newconnections@espug.com

Meter works - meterworks@espug.com 

Social landlords, housing developers, large commercial or industrial businesses wishing to discuss how best to extend the national natural gas network to your premises please contact Nick Clark, Business Development Director nick.clark@espug.com or call 01372 587 500.


Utility contractor enquiries

For all enquiries regarding your asset adoption projects

Tel - 01372 587 500
Email - AV@espug.com 

Although ES Pipelines and ESP Electricity adopt gas and electricity assets across the country, we do not build the assets ourselves. Instead we adopt them post-construction from GIRS and NERS accredited companies, lists of which can be found here:

Lloyds Register GIRS

Lloyds Register NERS


Emergency works

Tel - 01372 587 500

Email - emergencyworks@espug.com


Planned Power Outages

If you would like to inform us of a planned power outage that might affect one or more of our electricity networks please email us at ESPEcontrol@espug.com. We will require all details of the outage including the postcode affected, the date and the start and finish times of the outage. Please provide a minimum of 5 working days’ notice.


Plant enquiries

For all enquiries regarding the location of any ESP Utilities existing gas and electricity assets please go to www.linesearchbeforeudig.co.uk. More information is available here.


Distributed Generation requirements

For information on how to apply to connect electricity generation plants to our distribution networks, click here.


Media enquiries

Journalists can contact our PR agency on 01344 567 123 or 07977 242 573 or email richard@lattice-pr.com.

All other enquiries

Email - info@espug.com

ESP Utilities Group Ltd
Bluebird House, Mole Business Park, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7BA. Tel: 01372 587 500

ESP's main office is open from 8am to 6pm Mon-Fri. An out-of-hours call centre is available for urgent enquiries.

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