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Through its subsidiary brands - ES Pipelines, ESP Electricity, ESP Networks, ESP Pipelines and ESP Connections - ESP Utilities Group works with housing developers, social landlords, industry and individuals to extend the gas and electricity networks throughout Great Britain.

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For householders

ES Pipelines and ESP Electricity together help households across Britain make the energy connection. ESP Electricity develops and operates electricity networks, primarily fo…

For utility contractors

ESP Utilities offers a range of services for Utility Infrastructure Providers (UIPs) and Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) including…

For social landlords

ES Pipelines has many years of experience working with social landlords and others across Britain to improve the co…

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“ES Pipelines is a key partner in the successful delivery of projects that enable us to deliver our full range of Siteworks to housing developers. The values and commitment shown ensures we can have confidence in ensuring customers needs are met first time, every time.”

- Dave Carter, Head of Energy Connections, British Gas

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